How to make your site into a selling machine!! Part2

You have a great product or products to sell on your
website, and have successfully set up your online shopping
cart. You have carefully targeted your site towards your
products and have made each page theme focused.

Now you must think about what you want your customer to do
at the end of the page. Do you want them to fill in a form,
call you on the phone to place an order, or visit your
online shop? You may want them to subscribe to your
newsletter or ezine.

This is called a MWR or most wanted response. Keep the MWR
in mind when you are writing the page. Make sure that you
tell visitors what to do. This is called the call to action.
They may not realise what your MWR is otherwise!

Make sure that your contact details are on each page. This
should include a phone number as well as an email address.
Sometimes people like to speak in person rather than send an
email or fill out a form. Give them plenty of options to
contact you.

Headlines are critical. They account for 90% of your site's
effectiveness. Many people read the headlines on a web page
and skim the main text. They are looking for something that
interests them and stands out. Think of attention grabbing
headlines that keep the reader motivated.

Divide sections of paragraphs with headlines that are laden
with benefits and draw visitors down the page. Keep
paragraphs short. It's much easier for people to read small
paragraphs of text on a computer screen.

Make sure that the navigation is clear and easy to use. Also
check that all the links work. There is nothing worse than
wanting to click through to an order page and find that the
link doesn't work. You will probably lose a customer this
way as they will go straight to a competitor.

Getting visitors to subscribe to an ezine is a good idea for
attracting potential customers. Make sure though that they
can unsubscribe if they want to. Provide interesting
articles and news that will make people want to come back to
your site. Provide a link to subscribe to your ezine on each
page and make sure that it's in a prominent place.

Post your ezine to free ezine directories

A pop under box may help to get more subscribers, but make
sure that you use a script that only triggers the box once
during a visit to your site. Nothing is more annoying than
returning to the home page only to be continually bothered
by a pop under box with each click.

With this script you can control the frequency of the
popunder, so it either pop unders every time the page is
loaded, or only once per browser session

You will gradually build up a list people interested in your
site and your product. They will get to know you through
your ezine and develop a trust towards you. You won't make a
fortune overnight on the internet though. It does take time
to build any business on or offline.

An autoresponder is a vital tool for keeping track of your
subscribers and enabling you to send out personalised emails
containing your ezine, free e-courses, or any message you
may want your subscribers to receive.

Get Response is a remote autoresponder service. Price starts
from $12.12 or under 7 a month.

mailmerge is a list builder that you download to your hard
drive. There is no monthly fee as you pay a one off purchase

You customer base will grow. These are people who like your
product and the quick response you provide. (A quick
response is essential. Check your email every day and reply
immediately to any queries.) If it's a good consumable
product that works they will become regular customers and
may recommend you to others.

You could even provide an incentive for recommending you.
Maybe a free gift or e-book.

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