How To Buy and Sell Products Online


The Online World creates so many opportunities for someone to make money. Why? Probably because there are now so many people online today (some estimate 40 million and counting) that it is a gigantic market for all kinds of business.

One incredible business that is available to any online user is the business of "buying and selling." Buying and selling is basically the "brokering" of products.

If you look around on the Internet and the major online services you will notice many "classified ad" sections, on the Internet you can look under the "" prefix in the newsgroups. In these classified sections you will find 1,000s of products being bought and sold.

Well, YOU can make money, and lots of it, by using these ads to buy and sell. How can you make money buying and selling? Simple. LEARN A MARKET.

That's right, learn a market. Get to know something, preferably something you either like a lot or know you can make the largest profits with. Learn what products of this market are buying/selling for.

Let's take computer equipment for example. We'll even be more specific than that and say used 486 computer systems. Do you think that all 486 systems are being sold for roughly the same prices? What about buying prices? NO WAY! There is such a huge gap between these prices ( I mean just the sell prices, or just the buy prices, not the difference between buy and sell) that if you knew this market you could make large profits by capitalizing on these differences.

If you became a self-taught expert on 486 prices then it would be simple. Notice what prices 486 systems are being bought/sold at. Do some searching on the online services and Internet. Find great buys on 486s. Then sell them at the going market value. That is what brokering is all about.

But it is not limited to computers. Brokering can be for ANY type of product that is bought or sold. Like video games, TVs, radios, antiques, cars, boats, toys, clothes, crafts, jewelry, or anything of value!

Practice a little on paper with this business. Decide what product type you would like to buy/sell. Find some "for sale" ads for this product. When you find a good buy, pretend you bought it and keep a record of the price. Then start looking for someone who is trying to buy the same product and see how much of a profit you would have made.

Also, you can become a "special order" broker. When you learn a market, place an ad stating that you are selling your product at your market price. Let them know that you are a broker and that you have access to some of the best prices in the country. Find out what they are willing to pay for this specific item. Then start searching to buy this product at less than they will pay. Buy it, sell it. That's the name of this game.

You can even buy a product online, when you see a fantastic deal, and turn right around and place ads to sell it.

You might want to start with smaller priced items as there will not be as much risk involved, the only downfall is that the profit will not be as big either.

Never buy with money that you cannot afford to lose. Yes, probably no matter what you buy you could "pawn" if you had to to get some money back, but never risk it if you can't afford to do with out it.

Always stay on top of the market that you are buying/selling in. Market prices change often, and you can make extra profits by staying on top of the latest prices.

NOTE: You will also be able to buy/sell products outside of the online world. For example, if you are trading computers online and you see a great buy on one in the newspaper, then it can make you money to buy it and re-sell it.

Subscribe to magazines and other publications that deal with your market. You can even train friends or family members to help your business. Train someone to know what a great buy is, in case they are ever at a garage sale or flea market and spot one. You can then split the profits or something. The possibilities are endless.

Start researching a product market that you are interested in, and start BUYING AND SELLING YOUR WAY TO HUGE PROFITS!!!


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